Initiatives targeted at the real estate market

The Council has initiated work to investigate whether, and if so when, further initiatives should be taken and the most appropriate way of doing so. The Council has published a discussion paper, received written responses and organized a conference on the topic.

The Council will continue to work on initiatives targeted at the property market

The Council summarized in its press release from the meeting 13 December 2016 some of the main conclusions from the comments offered in connection with the Council's conference and in writing as a response to the Council's discussion paper on initiatives and indicators for the property market. Read the press release here.

Conference and written responses

The program from the conference is available here.


Registration and coffee


Welcome by Lars Rohde, Governor, Danmarks Nationalbank, (In Danish)

Session 1: Indicators for systemic risks on the real estate market


Panel discussion on indicators (In Danish)

  •   Jesper Rangvid, professor, Copenhagen Business School, (Ordstyrer)
  • Peter Birch Sørensen, professor, Københavns Universitet
  • Lise Nytoft Bergmann, boligøkonom, Nordea
  • Curt Liliegreen, direktør, Boligøkonomisk Videncenter
  • Ulrik Nødgaard, direktør, Finansrådet
  • Michael Møller, professor, Copenhagen Business School
  • Benny Engelbrecht, MF, Socialdemokratiet


Jon Cunliffe, Deputy Governor, Bank of England:

Lessons from selecting indicators – the UK experience



Session 2: Instruments targeted at the real estate market


Erlend Nier, Deputy Division Chief, IMF

The usefulness of macro-prudential policy


Panel discussion on instruments (In Danish)

  • Bo Lidegaard, tidl. ansvarshavende chefredaktør for Politiken, (Ordstyrer)
  • Morten Skak, lektor, Syddansk universitet
  • Ane Arnth Jensen, direktør, Realkreditrådet
  • Jesper Berg, direktør, Finanstilsynet
  • Christian Hillingsøe Heinig, cheføkonom, Realkredit Danmark
  • Kerstin Hallsten, Senior Adviser, Sveriges Riksbank


Concluding remarks by Lars Rohde (In Danish)

The written responses are available in Danish only. They are available here.